Laytite stone offers a layered type profile. With a tight narrow design, the Laytite stone makes grout joints seem less apparent and more rustic. The Laytite stone can be installed with 1/2 inch grout joints or drystacked, giving any project a natural stacked feel. These stones compliment any hardy board siding project or look great by themselves.

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Aspen Country Laytite

Tan, Brown, Green, Mauve

Blue Ridge Laytite

Light Gray, Gray, Black

Bucks Creek Laytite

Brown, Gray, Gold

Dark Mist Laytite

Gray, Charcoal, Tan

Flatwood Laytite

Brown, Green

Iron Laytite

Gray, Mauve

Karmel Laytite

Gold, Brown, Tan

Mojave Laytite

Mauve, Tan, Brown

Nappanee Laytite

Gray, Cream, Rust

Sedona Laytite

Red, Brown

Slate Laytite

Brown, Gray, Charcoal, Gold

Southern Limestone Laytite

Charcoal, Gray, Mauve

Timbercreek Laytite

Gray, Cream, Gold, Mauve, Brown

Wisconsin Laytite

Brown, Cream, Gray

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