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3 Part Specification

This guide specification is written according to the construction specifications institute (csi) formats, including Masterformat®, Sectionformat®, and Pageformat®.

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A combination of clean lines and natural colors make Ashlar artificial stone the choice to consider on your next project. Tightly stacked stones and simple patterns give Ashlar artificial stones a contemporary look and a pleasing aesthetic for your next building needs.

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Caststone Veneer

Caststone veneer is a clean, modern, sophisticated design appropriate for both commercial and residential projects.

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Cobblestone combines clean-cut stone with naturally rugged edges to form a perfect display for stone layering. The product line of Cobblestone offers a variety of shapes and nature-inspired colors to meet your every need. Beautiful and distinctive, Cobblestone can enhance any home or commercial office while easily increasing the property value.

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Enhance your Florida home with the look of coquina stone. The delicate fossil patterns and textured surfaces of Coral Reef are a perfect complement to classic or contemporary Florida architecture. Neutral cream, golden and terracotta tones create a beautiful finish. It can be installed in either a random ashlar or repeating pattern.

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Coral24 provides an elegant and symmetrical rich stone finish. Its rectangle shape and natural feel bridges the gap of modern and classic architecture.

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Country Ledge

J & N Stone, Inc. Country Ledge is a versatile mixture of rectangular and linear stones. Country Ledge includes tailored straight lines with the added richness of oblong naturally chiseled stones. This visually balanced combination is one of our most popular and striking blended styles.

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CutStone™ pushes toward modern architecture and design in the manufactured stone industry. Search no further than CutStone™ when looking for a clean, lineal, contemporary stone to finish your next project. CutStone™ is designed for a dry-stack installation and includes flat pieces and 90 degree corner pieces.  CutStone™ comes in 2 1/2" tall pieces with lengths of 12", 16", and 24" for the flat stones. The corner stone's come in 6", 9", and 12" lengths with a 4" return.

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Laytite stone offers a layered type profile. With a tight narrow design, the Laytite stone makes grout joints seem less apparent and more rustic. The Laytite stone can be installed with 1/2 inch grout joints or drystacked, giving any project a natural stacked feel. These stones compliment any hardy board siding project or look great by themselves.

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Ledgestone has a hand-crafted, hand chiseled appearance and a distinct old-world feel. Ledgestone provides a perfect classic-look; it is timeless and beautiful for any building project. Homeowners love Ledgestone’s rugged and informal appeal, with its rough-hewn texture and irregularity. With installation options of tight-fitted or mortared, Ledgestone can be used to achieve a number of unique treatments.

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Ledge Cut

Ledge Cut is designed to replicate hand chiseled natural Texas stone. Sculpted to create a unique design of modern architecture with rough traditional texture.

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Plankwood is the perfect alternative to natural reclaimed wood. Being that it’s a thin concrete veneer, its lower in maintenance and is insect resist, compared to natural reclaimed wood. Plankwood is a great alternative to the ever increasing price and low availability of natural wood. Look no further for your next wood project than Plankwood.

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As the name describes, Riverrock was inspired by natural field stones. Randomly shaped Riverrock has the warm and inviting look of stones rounded by years of tumbling in a forest riverbed. Color, cut and texture are carefully hand-picked and crafted to produce the best quality stone. Serene and timeless, Riverrock can be used to accentuate a variety of interior and exterior designs.

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With a blend of ancient architectural style and a modern contemporary feel, Sandstone adds a touch of elegance to any installation. Chiseled by nature and carefully hand-picked, the Sandstone has a bold, unique quality of its own. Warm colors combined with sharp cuts give Sandstone a nice balance. Whether your next building project is residential or commercial, Sandstone is clearly the solid choice.

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Southern Ledge

Southern Ledge stone veneer is a rough, rugged and irregular design that helps achieve that natural stone look on any project.

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Stack-Ease is a modular unit, designed to achieve a traditional stacked look in a panel system. This system helps reduce installation time while still achieving a clean, tight, drystack look. All modular units are designed 3" in height and come in lengths of 10" and 20"

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100 Series Brick

J&N Stone 100 Series Brick-Ease™ brick veneer lends itself useful in any application that demands stringent modular design and textures unmatched anywhere in the world. Installation is at “Ease” whether remodeling or building new. The lightweight design requires no footer, special bracing or wall ties. At 1.5” in overall thickness, mixing other J&N Stone® veneer products for that “One of a kind look” is now only limited by your imagination. No more conventional problems to deal with concerning different product thickness on any project large or small. Blending J&N Brick-Ease®, J&N Stone Veneers®, or any of the J&N Cast Stone® products becomes a simple task unmatched by any manufacturer in the industry.

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200 Series Brick

If you are looking for that “Unique, Old Age” appearance, your search is over. By combining a slightly longer and rougher texture than the 100 Series, we've developed a brick veneer selection for any project. Meeting the demands of architects, builders, and designers is never a problem, developing a system that actually works in the field is a totally different story. The "Ease" in Brick-Ease™ says it all, from design to jobsite implementation, there is no other brick veneer product that offers as much versatility and color design options in the market. Think design and "Ease" of installation for your next project; ask your contractor or builder what they are using. "Demand The Best, Demand J&N Stone"™

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